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Six steps to a faster patient flow with accurate EMG & NCS results

Reaching a correct diagnosis of nerve and muscle diseases in the most efficient time is key to providing maximum patient care. In this white paper, we share six steps to a faster patient flow with accurate EMG & NCS results.

Neurologists, neurophysiologists, physiatrists and technologists need a familiar electrodiagnostic system to rely on for fast, accurate results when performing electromyography and nerve conduction studies. The ability to streamline your workflow of collecting and reporting patient data enables you to see more patients and grow your business.

Download the white paper and receive six steps to help optimize your workflow and save valuable time by using modern electrodiagnostic technology.

Among others, you learn to maximize your time by:

  • Quickly setting up patient records with minimal typing
  • Easily verifying test results by using AANEM reference values
  • Performing studies with high-definition data resolution to avoid repeat simulations
  • Using automatic report generation and patient summary templates

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